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We're Arizona's largest retro arcade and an active social club of game collectors and enthusiasts.

An eighties-themed arcade with special events
We offer our community a packed calendar of events, along with rotating retro games and pinball.

The thing we loved about arcades––more than setting a new high score––was meeting new and old friends to hang out with for hours.

Part of our effort to preserve and project arcade culture into the future is a calendar of special events that bring people together.

We host tournaments for pinball and classic games, where you can go head to head with other pros for a spot in our hall of winners.

StarFighters Arcade is also a venue for music shows and holiday parties. For fun family activities in Phoenix, stay up to date with our special event calendar!

Retro arcades in Mesa, AZ.

Become part of the StarFighters community
We're a social club commited to preserving retro arcade culture for the future!